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About Pickleball

This is a game which is “easier on the body and the joints”. Both the paddle and ball are light, therefore there are fewer impact or elbow injuries. The game of Pickleball involves an underhand serve and limited running, making this an ideal sport for the “mature” person. Played with an oversized paddle, one can become a “Wimbledon Wonder” without too much effort!

Pickleball at NGCC takes place every Monday to Friday.  Times vary but generally we have Advanced in the morning, followed by Intermediate and Casual/Beginners.  Registration is done online (go to “Register for Pickleball” and then “Sign Up For Pickleball” below). New people are welcome and we provide paddles to borrow for those just wanting to try it out. The purpose of this program is to promote fun and socialization, along with friendly recreational (and sometimes competitive) games of Pickleball.

PLEASE remember that registering in the proper group is crucial for your enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. ADVANCED is for players who have played for quite some time, are very knowledgeable of the game and are able to keep up with the speed of the game. This is for people who are a little bit more competitive. INTERMEDIATE is for players who have the knowledge and skill of the game and just need some refinement with players of a similar skillset. This is for people trying to develop and improve their game, and want to be a bit more competitive than the Casual/Beginner level. CASUAL/BEGINNER level is for a variety of players – some may have been playing for a long time, but prefer the slower pace, less competitive form of the game, and are playing for a “fun” experience. They realize that they may be playing with players with lesser skills and may need to help and have patience with newcomers to the game.

We encourage EVERYONE to sign up for the appropriate group that you fit into – do not play up or down a level if there’s no space in your group (we have a waitlist for you to go on) or you prefer a specific time of the day.

Register for Pickleball

In order to be able to participate in Pickleball, please purchase a membership – if you pay by credit card you will be able to sign up to play immediately. If you choose to pay by e-transfer, you will have to wait until payment is confirmed by the office. This may take 1-2 days depending on when it is sent.

Sign up for Pickleball

If you have are already registered and paid for a membership, sign up for a specific session by following one of these links:

Registration opens 3 days in advance of the day you wish to play on. ALL LEVELS open at 8 am on the following schedule: Friday for Monday, Saturday for Tuesday, Sunday for Wednesday, Monday for Thursday and Tuesday for Friday.

If a session is full, you can be put on the waitlist – if a spot opens up, replacements will be moved up to play from the waitlist in the order you signed up. We ask that you book in advance for a MAXIMUM of 3 times per week – if you are looking to play more, you can see if there are spots available after 8 pm the night before, and sign up then.