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Regular Bingo

Bingo (License #1197) is held every Tuesday at the Norberry site at 26 Molgat Avenue, off St. Mary’s Road behind Dairy Queen and MPI.  Doors open at 5:30 pm.  Early Bird’s start at 6:45 pm, and regular Bingo at 7:15 pm.

Early birds – 5 games / $2.00 per book

  • Bonanza Speedo Game – A full card game with a 75% payout.
  • Odd/Even Game – On Odd #’d days of the month dab all Odd #’s. On Even #’d days of the month dab all Even #’s. Carry on for a Full House. Accumulator pot adds 25% of sales if won in 18 called #’s or less. Consolation is 50% of sales.
  • Lucky “7” – Starts at 17 numbers increasing one # and 35% of sales per event. Freeze #’s at 24.  Consolation is 35% of sales.
  • Lucky Star – This game is 2 Lines anyway. Bingo on a “Star” and receive the pot which adds 35% of sales until won.  Consolation is 35% of sales.
  • 6-4-9 game – Played on Yellow medium single sheets.  Game – Top Card – Block of 6 – Middle Card – Block of 4 – Bottom Card – Block of 9.  Payout is 60% of sales.
  • Pick “7” – Pick your own favorite numbers and see if you can win! First person to cover all seven numbers wins 60% of the sales. If your numbers aren’t so hot, the last person remaining standing with no numbers covered wins the “Unbingo” and 10% of the sales.
  • Bonanza Accumulator – This pot is won in 53 numbers or less. The pot adds 25% of the sales each night accrue to make this game very attractive. Consolation is 50% of the sales.
  • Knights Zip Loonie – Played on Purple 6TV sheets.  Game – 2 lines anyway.  If Bingo is called on the pre-called Zip Loonie # (and it completes the game pattern), you win the accumulator pot, which increases 35% per event.  Consolation is 40% of sales.  THIS POT WILL CAP OUT AT $10,000 AND A SECOND POT WILL BE STARTED.
  • We sell 50/50 tickets at the canteen. (License # 1197-RF-34724)
Seniors playing bingo

As a way to say thanks for supporting Norberry-Glenlee Community Centre Bingo, we have a loyalty program…for every 8 visits you get an entry into our quarterly draws, so drop by and check us out. You won’t regret it!