October 26, 2021
Loonie #$54 plus sales
Odd/Even$883 plus sales in 18#'s or less
Lucky Star$276 plus sales
Bonanza$1,420 plus sales in 53#’s or less
Lucky 7$3,065 plus sales in 24#s or less
Full House$750 in 50#s or less
Knights Bonanza$5,000 in 53#'s or less
Loonie # $54 plus sales
Odd/Even $883 plus sales in 18#'s or less
Lucky Star $276 plus sales
Bonanza $1,420 plus sales in 53#’s or less
Lucky 7 $3,065 plus sales in 24#s or less
Full House $750 in 50#s or less
Knights Bonanza $5,000 in 53#'s or less
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Last Updated: 28-Mar-19 11:08

NGCC is offering these fitness classes in our gymnasium  If you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, flexibility and overall fitness level in a fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, join our class! 

We have 3 sessions throughout the year and we offer both Early Bird (9-10 am) and Mid-Morning (10:15-11:15 am) classes on Monday's and Friday's.  Sessions are Jan-March, April to June and September to December.  Registration forms are available at the community centre. 

Both classes are a combination of cardio, muscle, stretch and strength.   Monday's instructor is Helen Boothroyd.  Friday's instructor is Ruth Penner.  Both instructors have plenty of experience teaching 55+ participants and are excited to be at NGCC!

NOTE: Minimum class size is 8 participants and will be cancelled two weeks prior to the start date if we do not have enough participants.  Maximum class size is 40 participants.  It is suggested that each person bring their own elastic resistance band and weights.