Tues., Aug. 16, 2022
Loonie #$70 plus sales
Odd/Even$302 plus sales in 18#'s or less
Lucky Star$409 plus sales
Bonanza$0 plus sales in 53#’s or less
Lucky 7$6,641 plus sales in 24#s or less
Full House$750 in 50#s or less
Knights Bonanza$1,000 in 51#'s or less
Loonie # $70 plus sales
Odd/Even $302 plus sales in 18#'s or less
Lucky Star $409 plus sales
Bonanza $0 plus sales in 53#’s or less
Lucky 7 $6,641 plus sales in 24#s or less
Full House $750 in 50#s or less
Knights Bonanza $1,000 in 51#'s or less
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Last Updated: 09-Aug-22 13:01


NGCC has partnered with the City of Winnipeg to become a temporary cooling station on days when the temperature exceeds 30° C, provided that our building is open and staffed (NOTE - on some weekends we are closed if we have no rentals).  If you are in need of a place to cool off for awhile, you can come in, have a seat and drink some water.  Masks are available if you would like one.  Stay safe in the heat everyone!


Once again the City is offering a FREE summer drop in program for children 6-12 years of age at our Glenlee site located at 176 Worthington Avenue off St. Anne's Road.  It runs Monday to Thursday from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm and Friday's from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm until August 19th.  More information is available by dropping by the site and speaking with a supervisor.


Click here to go to the Registration page for links for fall sports.



Seniors Bingo - RETURNS AUGUST 9th!  Doors open at 11:30 am - purchase cards by 12:30 for 12:45 pm start.  Bingo is usually done around 3 pm. More information is here.  Bingo will run until June 28th and will return starting August 9th.

Regular Evening Bingo - doors open at 5:30 pm.  Early birds at 6:45 pm and regular bingo starts at 7:15 pm.  More information is here.  Our bingo runs all summer long!


NGCC offers Light & Lively Fitness classes on Monday and Friday mornings. For more information on these classes, click here.  Sessions begin in January, March/April and September.

Surefire Fitness
also offers different programs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  For more information, go to http://www.surefirefitness.ca/ .  

Winnipeg Rec League hosts different sports in our gym in the evenings throughout the year. http://www.winnipegrecleague.com/ 

For specific information about our Boundaries, Payment options and Subsidy information, click here. To see a map of our boundaries, Norberry-Glenlee CC Boundary .


Midsummer's Night Dream Celebration Recap View Full Story Minimize
June 11, 2022 |
WOW is all we can say! What a great night we had... Midsummer's Night Dream Celebration Recap WOW is all we can say! What a great night we had...so many people to open the Play Park and take part in all the fun! It was an overwhelming success with tons of people here. Thanks to Brian Mayes, Rochelle Squires and Jamie Moses for coming down and sharing this moment with us. Thank you to the volunteers that showed up, the vendors who provided everyone with bouncing fun, cotton candy, games, races and artistry for kids faces and memories. A HUGE thank you to our Special Events Directors Tiffany and Rachel, who put in hours of work planning, shopping and supervising last night. To our Board of Directors that also showed up to help out and manage lines, cook hot dogs, put out fires and clean up throughout the evening - you already do enough and you do more when asked! To the 500-600 people that came to support us and take part in the first community celebration in way too long - THANK YOU. For understanding that the overwhelming success meant long lineups for everything, and the fact that the 300 hot dogs and 20 extra large pizzas were still not enough food to give away, no one complained or yelled (that we know of anyway)! To Archangel Fireworks - thank you for an absolutely AWESOME Fireworks display! So many people stayed to watch and pulled over to enjoy them. It was just what our community needed! Our photographer Cindy Phelan took over 200 photos. Check them out on our Facebook page or you can also see them here. Make sure you check out and like our page for all things Norberry-Glenlee Community Centre.

NGCC Accessible Play Park View Full Story Minimize
October 30, 2020 |
ACCESSIBLE PLAY PARK - The park is now open... ACCESSIBLE PLAY PARK - The park is now open...after 4 years of grant applications, fundraising and lots of hard work...it is all worthwhile! This park has something for people of all ages, and we are very proud of it. The park has lighting, handicapped parking stalls and video surveillance. A HUGE thank you goes out to Lindsay, Christina and Shauna from the City, Murray and his crew from Colcat for the awesome design, Dave and the crew from Prairie Rubber Paving for the rubber base and design, and Troy and the B&B crew that tied everything together.

NGCC's Board Member Donates Kidney View Full Story Minimize
October 08, 2020 |
NGCC is very proud of our board member Geraldine... NGCC is very proud of our board member Geraldine, who recently donated a kidney to a patient. She's at home and on the mend, but she wants to bring attention to organ donation. Here is a link to information about the new process that replaces the old blue cards we used to get with our drivers license.

E-WASTE UPDATE View Full Story Minimize
September 01, 2020 |
E-WASTE UPDATE - Approximately 2600 pounds was collected at the July 25th E-Waste Computer and Stereo Dropoff event E-WASTE UPDATE - Approximately 2600 pounds was collected at the July 25th E-Waste Computer and Stereo Dropoff event with 1700 pounds of recyclables delivered to Equal Opportunities West for their computer re-use program, according to Saving Audio Recycling & Stereo E-Waste who staffed the event. The remaining stereo equipment will be tested for operation and repaired if necessary then distributed to locally owned thrift stores who use the proceeds to fund their community causes. A big thank you to all who came and contributed! For those who were unable to attend, you can still call a Saving Audio volunteer at 204-257-7575 to make pickup arrangements of any unwanted audio equipment you may have to recycle.

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